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Calico Cat Polyhedral Dice Set

Calico Cat Polyhedral Dice Set

SKU: 0013

Calico Cat Polyhedral Dice Set


Alternating black and white numbers are deep set and crisp for easy-to-read results, while the mix of rusty orange, deep ebony, and snowy white mimic the intermingling colors of a calico cat!

These dice are cute, sassy, and made with love! Each dice is hand poured, the three colors filling up e~19mm dice. The hand blending of materials leads to a delightful realism and randomness that gives calico cats their unique look! They are the perfect addition to any dice collection, a good pick for a character with a calico familiar, or a fitting choice for a hero who tends to walk a bit on the chaotic side.


Please be advised that each die is carefully handmade so the pattern trio of colors will vary slightly from the photos for each and every one, making YOUR set absolutely one of a kind! 

Each set contains 7 dice: d4, d6, d8, two d10 ( d10 and d100/percentage dice), d12, and d20. All dice are balanced, sharp edged precision dice. They are ~19mm and carved with fantasy-styled numbering for extra flair.  It is great for any player, enthusiast, collector, or game/dungeon master in your life. 


Polyhedral dice are perfect for any tabletop or dice based games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Laughing Moon: Wheelhouse, Pathfinder, Tinker Tactics, Warhammer, and countless others!

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