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Honeydew Slush Boba Bubble Tea Polyhedral Dice Set

Honeydew Slush Boba Bubble Tea Polyhedral Dice Set

SKU: 0004

Honeydew Slush Bubble Tea Boba Polyhedral Dice Set


Milky white numbers are deep set and crisp for easy-to-read results, while the delicious, green, melon toned resin casing envelopes miniature black pearls to perfectly mimic the popular dessert drink!


These dice are sweet, trendy and made with love! Each boba pearl is hand formed and painted before being carefully divided up between seven different dice molds. Then, they are carefully folded one by one into the 'honeydew' resin. The hand blending of materials leads to a delightful realism, almost as if each die was an ice cube made of the dessert itself. They are perfect for any character that sports a bit of a sweet tooth, or even simply as a fun, trendy addition to your dice collection! They are one of the three sets in the Boba Collection!


Please be advised that each die is carefully handmade so the pattern of the faux boba pearls will vary slightly from the photos for each and every one, making YOUR set absolutely one of a kind!


Each set contains 7 dice: d4, d6, d8, two d10 ( d10 and d100/percentage dice), d12, and d20. All dice are balanced, sharp edged precision dice. They are ~19mm and carved with fantasy-styled numbering for extra flair. The full collection contains three sets of these; the honeydew slush, milk tea, and taro! Each insert is carefully prepped for its new home inside your dice to ensure longevity. Great for any player, enthusiast, collector, or game/dungeon master in your life.


Polyhedral dice are perfect for any tabletop or dice based games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Laughing Moon: Wheelhouse, Pathfinder, Tinker Tactics, Warhammer, and countless others!

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