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Sigyn's Treasure Polyhedral Dice Set

Sigyn's Treasure Polyhedral Dice Set

SKU: 0015

Sigyn's Treasure Polyhedral Dice Set


The deep onyx and crimson numbers are crisp for easy-to-read results, while the shimmering pools of pastel purple caress shining flecks of gold, inspiring their wielder to use muscle and brawn as a devastating force against all that oppose them.


Crafted with bits of gold kissed by dark magic, these dice were originally made for a powerful barbarian tiefling that bore crimson tattoos and fought with great courage and might; whose strength was unparalleled and widely known throughout the land. Now this set of seven searches for the next worthy warrior, making them perfect for any character that isn't afraid to go toe to toe against the forces of evil and who trains their physique to perfection for the fight.


Please be advised that each die is carefully handmade so the gold bits and purple metallic marbling will vary slightly with each and every single one, making YOUR set absolutely one of a kind! While the standard set comes with a red 12 and 20 on the d12 and d20 respectively, there is an option for all matching numbers, either in black or red.


These original dice are balanced, sharp edged, ~19mm and shows off fantasy-styled numbering.

Makes a great gift for any player, enthusiast, collector, or game/dungeon master in your life.


Polyhedral dice are perfect for any tabletop or dice based games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Laughing Moon: Wheelhouse, Pathfinder, Tinker Tactics, Warhammer, and countless others!

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