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Siren's Glamour Polyhedral Dice Set

Siren's Glamour Polyhedral Dice Set

SKU: 0011

Siren's Glamour Polyhedral Dice Set
(Part of the Supernaturally Sparkly trio!)


Liquid silver numbers stand out brightly against the background of a twinkling concoction of blue, yellow, and holographic sparkles!


These dice are crafted by mischievous sirens, imbuing each glittery die with an unpredictable, playful magic as they mix the sparkles into crystal clear resin, their power turning it a bright, magical teal green, just like sea glass! The gorgeous result turns into the perfect set for a character that embodies everything mysterious, powerful, and dubious.  Every batch is carefully mixed together into a sparkling swirl before it is hand poured into each of the seven molds.


Please be advised that since each die is carefully handmade, the pattern of the glitter will vary slightly from the photos for each and every one, making YOUR set absolutely one of a kind and the perfect addition to any collection!


Each set contains 7 dice: d4, d6, d8, two d10 ( d10 and d100/percentage dice), d12, and d20. All dice are balanced, sharp edged precision dice. Each set is ~16mm and carved with standard numbering so that they fit in to the average dice collection size-wise while standing out with their brilliant colors. This set is great for any player, enthusiast, collector, or game/dungeon master in your life!


Polyhedral dice are perfect for any tabletop or dice based games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Laughing Moon: Wheelhouse, Pathfinder, Tinker Tactics, Warhammer, and countless others!

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