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Watermelon Jelly Ice Polyhedral Dice Set

Watermelon Jelly Ice Polyhedral Dice Set

SKU: 0009

Watermelon Jelly Polyhedral Dice Set


Clean white numbers are deep set and crisp for easy-to-read results, while the translucent mix of hot pink and bright green ebb and flow together in a way that looks just like watermelon jelly candy! 


These dice are fun, light, and made with love! Each die is hand poured, the two colors filling up ~19mm dice. The hand blending of materials leads to a unique look for each and every pour! They are the perfect addition to any dice collection, a good pick for a character with a special sweet tooth, or a fitting choice for a hero who is happy-go-lucky, loveably naïve, or one who finds joy in the little things.


Each set contains 7 dice: d4, d6, d8, two d10 ( d10 and d100/percentage dice), d12, and d20. All dice are balanced, sharp edged, ~19mm and carved with fantasy-styled numbering for extra flair. They are great for any player, enthusiast, collector, or game/dungeon master in your life. 


Polyhedral dice are perfect for any tabletop or dice based games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Laughing Moon: Wheelhouse, Pathfinder, Tinker Tactics, Warhammer, and countless others!

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